Ipsy December 2018

I am finally getting this up!

I am always super busy at the end of the year. With Christmas, New Years, and my Birthday all in a two week period I don’t get much time to get stuff done.

Let’s jump into this while I do have a second.

The bag it’s self is really nice. I like it a lot and think I may start using it as my makeup bag.

Farrah Blending Brush And Luxie Precision Blender

I have never tried a Farrah brush before, but it seems sturdy and soft. Luxie brushes are my favorite, I am always happy to receive one.

Creme Sheet Masks let it Go, Peppermint Cocoa, Oh Deer!

I have never tried sheet masks from this brand before. I am excited to give them a go. The packaging is so cute!

Pacifica Liquid Mineral Strobe “Unicorn”

I don’t like these. I have received a couple and have given them all away.

This one is going away too.

Steve Laurent Pigment “Antique Olive”

I like pigments, but this packaging is unnecessarily bulky. It took forever for me to get the top screwed back on.

The shade is really pretty. I may depot some into one of those clamshell containers and pass the rest in the packaging on.

Ciate London Glitter Flip “Infamous”

I have wanted to try these, literally just to watch it “flip”. Other than that. Eh.

The shade is pretty. I’m going to give it a try before I make a decision.

Over all, I think this is the most disappointing Ipsy bag I have gotten. Not a great way to end the year, Ipsy.

What was in your Ipsy bag?

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

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Ipsy November 2018 | New Bonus Add Ons!

Ipsy had something exciting this month, which will hold me over until I can get on the Glam Bag Plus waitlist.

They had bonus add one ranging from $3-$9. I believe you were only allowed 3. Luckily the 3 I chose were are $3 each and they were a great bargain!

I got the Lottie London Blush Crush in the shade “Zac”. It is just a pan. I am throwing this in with my best friends Christmas/Birthday gift, it will look really pretty on her skin tone. BTW, both of our birthdays are really close to Christmas, so we just combine them.

I also go the Juno & Co Microfiber sponge that has been all over the inter webs. It usually retails for like $6, so I got it half off!

Lastly, I got the Tarte Blush in Quirky. I love Tarte blushes, so I am happy to add another for only $3.

The bag.

This month the bag is navy blue with black hearts and gold accents. I may uses this one to gift a part of a gift. It is more their style than mine. It does seem to be nice quality though.

Timeless Beauty Bar sheet Masks “Glam and Glow” and “Up in the clouds”

I am always happy to try new cruelty free sheet masks. I am going to save Glam and Glow for a night out like the packet suggests. I do not fly enough for up in the clouds to be saved with out going bad.

Lottie London Blush Crush Zayn

Lottie London is not a brand that I have ever seen in stores, but I have heard some of their products raves about by beauty influencers in other countries.

The blush is a really pretty shade. Very pigmented! I am excited to give it a try.

(Please ignore my nails. It is almost time for a fill in.)

Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lip “Trusty Rusty”

This is such a tiny sample! It has to be like three wears. This is my first product from sugar, and to be honest, I don’t think I have really heard of them before.

I do have to say, the shade is very pretty.

MAC Strobe Cream

I know for sure MAC is not cruelty free. Not sure about Lottie London.

This product is also getting thrown in with Wethonia’s gift. It is apparently in the shade “Pinklite”

I will be honest I am not sure what strobe cream is meant to do. Is it a high light or a primer or either?

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmic Light Pigment “Pulsar”

This is a giant size for a pigment. It is going to last me ages!

A nice icy blue. Perfect for a halo or spotlight eye!

All in all, I have to say I am very happy with my bag and I hope that Ipsy keeps up this add on program! I am super excited to try most of what I got. Much worth the $10 for the bag and the $9 for the add ons.

What was in your Ipsy bag? Dis you purchase any add ons?

Thank you for reading 🦃

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Ipsy October 2018

Let’s knock out another post while we can!

See my Vegan Cuts Makeup Box post for what I mean.

Ipsy is $10 a month and you get 5-6 deluxe sample sometimes full sized beauty items. I really want to get on the Ipsy Plus wait list!

This months bag itself is red leather type material with a masquerade mask made of flowers embossed on it. I actually really like it.

SL Miss Glam L50 Brush

This brush is so pretty that I almost don’t want to use it!

The hairs are really soft, will be fantastic for blending.

Catherine Malandrino L’Energie De New York

This fragrance smells nice. It reminds me of Clinique happy, which reminds me of my mom.

Tarte Shape Tape “Light Sand”

This mini is so cute. It is darker than the shade I usually buy, but I think it may work well for covering blemishes. I usually use Shape Tape just under my eyes.

Nomad Cosmetics “Stockholm”

I really enjoy the Nomad shadow formula. I was actually very tempted to purchase their palette that just came out.

Stockholm is a really pretty cranberry shade and I can’t want to put it on my eyes.

Space Case Cosmic Gangster Blush

This packaging is so cute. I love UFO/Aliens. I had never heard of this brand previously, so I am super interested in finding out more about them.

The shade is very light. But I have pale skin, this would be great for spring. A light pretty pink.

I am very happy with my Ipsy bag this month! What was in your Ipsy bag?

Thank you for reading 🎃

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Ipsy September 2018

I want to put make up on my face so bad, but I have strep throat and don’t want to risk infecting my brushes or products. So, I am stuck with unboxing Ipsy for y’all.

By the way. I am very ready for Ipsy to come out with Glam Bag plus. I am definitely going to take advantage of it when the waiting list is opens.

But for now, the basic Ipsy is $10 a month, and contains 5 full or deluxe sample sized beauty products.

Let’s jump in.

Luxie x D.C. 110 Brush

I love Luxie brushes and this is a neat Harley Quinn one. The brush itself is a little weird, I suppose it would be good for blending out eye primer, setting it, or blending rough outer edges.

Luna By Luna Cosmetics Translucent Powder

This is a baked translucent powder…mine arrived broken. I ha w already let Ipsy know and they are sending a replacement.

The powder feels really soft and I think it will be really nice for setting the under eyes.

IBY City Limits Shadow “Fire and Ice”

I love IBY shadows. They are creamy, easy to work with, and pigmented. I did purchase the City Limits palette when it was on the Ipsy shop.

I love this palette!

Here is fire and ice swatched. Beautiful! I will be giving the single I got in my Ipsy bag to a friend, I do already have the palette after all.

Noyah Organic Peppermint Lip Balm

I really don’t need another lip balm, but at least it is organic. Honestly, I don’t like peppermint, I’ll be passing this along to a friend.

Glamour Dolls Blue Eyeliner

I am always up for a color liner. I tend to use a lot of color shadows.

Really pretty sky blue.

That is it for my Ipsy bag!

I will be honest, I’m kind of disappointed. I got a brush, which is nice, but it’s a weird one. A liner I’ll use. A balm I won’t use, a shadow I already own, and a broken powder. At least the bag itself is really cute!

What was in your Ipsy bag?

Thank you for reading💜

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Ipsy August 2018 | Selfie with no filter

Today was definitely a Monday. Nothing at work would work. I feel like I wasted 8 hours of my day because nothing got done. But, I did come home to an Ulta package which was nice!

This post however, is about my August Ipsy bag.

The bag itself is a canvas material. It’s orange and yellow, seems nicely made. I might actually get some use out of this one, it seems like it would hold a lot of products.

Pixi Beauty Blush Duo “Peach Honey”

Pixi is a great brand and I have heard some good things about their beauty Blush duos.

I think these look more like highlights, but I will definitely get some use out of them.

Juice Up Sheet Masks in BlackBerry and Kale

These masks are supposed to provide the same benefits to your skin that drinking the particular juice type would.

I have never heard of the brand Lab for You, so I am not sure on their cruelty free stance.

Quai Volume Spray

I have never used a volume spray before. I guess you spray it all over your hair before blow drying. I will have to try it on my next night out and see how it goes.

Huda Beauty Liquid Lip “Bombshell”

I have never tried a Huda lip product and I am so excited! These are like $20 so I was shocked to see a full sized one in my Ipsy!

The shade is definitely up my alley!

The Balm Foiled Again eyeshadow “Locked Up”

I would usually depot the shadows I get in Ipsy, but this packaging is just too cute. The Balm always has super cute packaging.

I think this looks like a full sized shadow pan! The shade is a really pretty metallic silver, I can’t wait to use it in a look. Maybe a dark halo eye?

That is it for my Ipsy bag this month. I am really pleased with my bag! Geeze, just the Huda Liquid Lip makes it worth it alone. It’s like I got it half off and some bonus products!

What was in your Ipsy bag? Comment below!

Thank you for reading💜

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Ipsy July 2018

This post will be quick and to the point. I am having one of my bad days, but did want to get a post up.

I need to start doing more than unboxing posts, but my inspiration is little to none.

*Ipsy is $10 a month. It contains 4-5 deluxe to full sized beauty items.

Callyssee Caffeine Sheet Masks x2

I do love Sheet Masks. I have a coffee bean eye cream that I think works well, so I have high hopes for theses.

The brand is cruelty free.

Elizabeth Mott Tapered Blending Brush

The handle is purple, the brush is very soft, and the brand is cruelty free. What is not to love?

I really enjoy getting brushes in my subscriptions.

Ella Eden Eye Shadow “Harmony”

I am probably going to depot this and put it in an empty palette. I do love single shadows though, they can be kind of fun. Just grab one and base a look around it.

The shade is really pretty and I don’t believe I have anything quit like it.

The brand is cruelty free.

Pacifica Coconut Blush

I love Pacifica. It is a fantastic cruelty free and vegan brand with some beautiful products.

Their coconut blushes are great. They are soft and pigmented.

I do like the shades that were in my duo. I could even use one as a bronzer. The shades are Beaming and Tenderheart. There is even a mirror on the back of the duo.

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip “Stepping Out”

I have never tried one of the Be Legendary Liquid lips, but I have wanted to.

I think the shade I got is the perfect starter shade for me,

I gravitate towards darker pinky or brown nudes.

Smashbox is Cruelty Free.

I am very pleased with my Ipsy bag this month. I look forward to see what next month brings.

What was in your Ipsy bag?

Thank you for reading.

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Ipsy June 2018 |Flying Colors

Fun fact of the day: Morning Stars veggie burgers are really good. I am not sure why I waited so long to try them!

An other fun fact, which I am sure you know, June is pride month for the LGBTQ+ community 💜

This has inspired this months Ipsy bag. The bags them self were of different shades from the rainbow, and different hues of the shades. I would have loved just a roygbv bag. But oh well!

Biobelle Sheet Masks #Unicornglow

I really enjoy Biobelle Masks. They are cruelty free, vegan, and pretty clean for inexpensive Masks! I got two of the same kind. Unicorn glow sounds pretty trendy and interesting.

Pixi Glow Tonic *Mini Size *

I have wanted to try the Glow Tonic for ages but just never picked it up. Pixi is a cruelty free brand sold at target. Be expecting a review on this product!

Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer *Trial Size*

Well, MUF is not cruelty free. Passing this along to a friend.

Doucce Luscious Lip “Holiday Getaway” *Mini*

Doucce is pending on the Logical Harmony Cruelty Free brand list. But none the less, this shade is just not for me.

I don’t even know how to describe it. But, I don’t like it.

Luxie 245 Small Shader

Y’all know by now that Luxie is my FAVORITE brush brand! One of my pictures was actually on their insta story last week!!!

Anyway, super excited about this small shader.

I would say this month is worth it for the three out of the five items I am keeping! Technically four out of six because there were two Masks.

What kind of posts do you want to see!? Comment below!

Thank you for reading 💜

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