I AM BACK! Biobelle PrimerMask Review

Just a little update! I have cancelled all of my subscriptions, I have accumulated way too much stuff. That being said, get ready for a ton of reviews and looks! 

Product: Biobelle Primer Mask

Price: $6 at Ulta

I am not going to lie. This sounded like a dumb gimmick to me. But, when reading the packaging, I did notice it sounded like great skin care none the less.

  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free
  • No GMO’s
  • Made with natural extracts and botanic fibers

Sounds like an awfully clean product! 

It also contains…

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Rosehip extract
  • And vitamin C

Sounds like a bomb face Serum! It is meant to enhance radiance, minimize pores, and even skin tone.

I have to say, this is the best fitting sheet mask that I have used yet. 

There was no overwhelming scent, and it is only meant to stay on for five minutes!

After the five minutes was up, I massaged the Serum into my face, then rinsed.

In my opinion, my face makeup looked much smoother than normal. (Ignore my under eyes, sleep is pretty much nonexistent to me anymore…) 

Though I didn’t notice my makeup lasting longer than normal, I did notice my makeup looked better and my skin felt and looked much better than it has recently. 

8/10 Didn’t make my makeup last longer, but is an awesome sheet mask over all!

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you all for baring with me and al your words of encouragement!

What is your favorite sheet mask?

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Boxy Charm June 2017| Down Town Charm

* $21 a month. Usually full sized beauty products. 4-5 each month

If you want to start a makeup collection of just random products, Boxy Charm is the way to make that happen. 😂😂

Eye Shadow Palette 1 By Real Her $28.00

Boxy Charm must be teamed with Real Her, because they have included at least one product from them for a few months now. This time it is a 9 pan eyeshadow palette.

The one I got is pretty cool toned, there were two other alternatives.

I was a little disappointed in the pigmentation of some of these shadows. I will still have to give them a try on my eyes. 

3 sheet masks by Biobelle Cosmetics $14.97

These sheet masks are sold at Ulta! 

  • #iwokeuplikethis
  • #primer
  • #beautysecret

I have almost bought them more than once. They seem neat.

Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Couture “illuminate” $26.99

I am not the biggest fan of loose powders. They are just messy. I have heard a lot of this specific high lighter on Instagram, so I am still glad to try it.

There is quite a bit of legit glitter in this powder…

Luxie Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 $24.00

 I love getting brushes in my subscriptions, because I hate buying them. 

I really enjoy the quality of Luxie Brushes, this one is going to be great for highlighting. 

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lip Stick “Santa Ana” $19.90

The Ofra liquid lipsticks are fantastic. If I had the money I would by them all. 

This one appears Fushia in the bottle, but dries down more red.

The shade is stunning, I can not wait to use it!

I am pretty happy with this months Box. I am a little iffy about the palette though. 

Would you like to see any of these products reviewed? Comment below! Thank you for reading!

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Boxy Charm May 2017 | Makeup is Art 

*Boxy Charm is a subscription service that cost $21 per month*

This months theme was make is art, so it focused on items, that in my unprofessional opinion, would be useful in a kit.

IBY Beauty Highlight and Contour Kit Retails:$40

The powders in this contour kit are very buttery, and have great pigmentation. They actually seem light enough to work for me, but the contour shade do lean a little warm.

Great pigmentation though, I will keep you all updated.

The Brow Gal Convertible Brow “02” Retails: $35

The Brow Gal is a brand I have tried before and love. (How many people do you think will get mad over the “do your face a favor thing”?😂😂😜) This kit is supposed to be for brown hair but I think I can make it work.

They are actually way more pigmented than I thought they would be, so my expectations for this are high. 

Tenptu Liquid Glow Retails: $29.50

I am just going to start out by saying, I am not the biggest fan of Liquid highlights. They just seem like so much work, and so much can easily go wrong.

This shade is really pretty though, so I think I have to give it a shot.

The Brow Gal Brow Brush $14.00

Crown Brush Round Contour Brush $24.99

Who can’t use a good Brow Brush and spoolie? The bristles seem to be the perfect stiffness.

As for the round Brush. I have never tried one, but I have wanted to really bad. 

Overall, this box was nice. Not my favorite, but I will definitely get use out of everything.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for stopping by.❤️❤️ 

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Boxy Charm Un-boxing | April 2017

Video here!!

It is that time of year, when everyone jumps on the Coachella band wagon, and Boxy Charm is no exception. This months theme is Boho Glow.

Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter $35

Talk about Glow! This highlight is blinding.

Really excited to have it, and I can’t wait to make my cheekbones Pop with it.

Pur Cosmetics Blend Squared $36

I think these sponges feel a bit hard, but who knows, they might work. They are really pretty, very Easter-esque.

Hairgurt Strawberry Banana Shampoo $10

I am in love with the deep conditioner from this line, so I have some really high expectations for the shampoo. It makes your shower smell like a fresh fruit smoothie!!

Cargo lip gloss “Taos” $16

This is going to be an amazing summer gloss.

It’s a nude shade with some shimmer. It has a really nice smell. The formula doesn’t feel too thick or too sticky.

Concealer Palette by Measurable Difference $19.99

I really do not have high hopes for this. I am not sure if it is because the palette doesn’t completely close so it will dry out, the price, or because there are already little bubbles on some of the shades like it is already going bad. I am willing to try it out though, I will let you all know.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts comment below! 

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“Urban Rustic” Cranberry Black Out | Naked Cosmetics


If you saw my March 2017 Boxycharm UN-Boxing, then you have already seen this beautiful trio from Naked Cosmetics.

It costs nearly $40, and contains only these three shades.


I want to figure out as many ways to use it as possible, to see if maybe an eyeshadow trio, of shades that are not generally wearable, could possibly be worth $40.

This first installment is featuring the stunning cranberry shade.


* I apologize for the photo quality, just know the shades are mush more vibrant in real life. Stunning look*

  • I started off by priming my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • I set it with Wet N Wilds “Brulee”.
  • To act as a transition and blending shade I buffed MACS “Cork” into the crease. I am trying to work through my last bits of this shadow. It is NOT cruelty free therefore, I do NOT recommend it.
  • I then covered my entire lid with the cranberry shade.
  • blend blend blend
  • I then used a warmer brown, I can’t recall the specific one, in the crease to add a little more dimension.
  • I then took the shade “Black out” by Urban Decay and really focused on the outer corner of the eye and a little bit into the crease. Just out the outer edges.
  • After I lined my water and tight lines with a black liner, I smudged out the outer thirds with “Black Out”.
  • I then smudged out the rest with the cranberry shade.
  • I used The Balms Marylou-manizer as my inner corner highlight.


I really love how the look turned out. The shade is just a vibrant on the eye, as it is in the swatch. But, so far, I am not $40 happy!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Have you tried this trio? What did you think? Comment below!

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XoXo Manda

Boxy Charm Un-Boxing | March 2017


Update video!

Sorry it is a little late! I am yet again sick, so finding the motivation to do things is hard.

This months Box Charm is themed “Creepy Cute”. I really like this theme, I am  keeping this card, it is too cute to toss! I kind of like that it is something creepy themed, in March. Creepy does not have to live in October people!


Smash Box Photo Finish Primer $16:

The first thing is this travel size of the Smash Box Photo Finish primer. I like this primer, and have used up full sizes before. I no longer purchase from Smash Box though, so I have not had it in a while. I am for sure going to be using this, unless a friend sees it and decides they want it first. I have plenty of primers by companies with cruelty free parent companies.

Crown Brush SS023 Jumbo Kabuki Fan Brush $18.99

When I first opened the box, I thought I would never use this brush. But, I love it! It works perfect for highlighting and for kicking off bake and extra powder. I have used it almost everyday since I got it.


Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Palette $39.99

I thought Naked Cosmetics only made crazy expensive pigments, apparently they make really expensive trios as well. In all actuality, the quality of these shadows are amazing. I do not see myself wearing them alone, the three together, but I do see myself reaching for this as a little accent palette.


Ignore my nails please, I am the worst at keeping them maintained.

The shades swatch amazingly, I am very excited to use them!


RealHer LadyLove Matte Liquid Lip Stick $15

The shade I got is “I Will Succeed”. It is a peachy nude shade, which is stunning. I have a separate post coming up shortly on this product so I am not going to say much. Keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in my thoughts on this and the next product!

RealHer Expert Advice Lip Liner $12.50

I received the shade “I am UN-Stoppable”. It is also a peachy nude, like the liquid lip, but a little darker. As I said above, I am going to have a post coming up soon with this in it, so I will save my thoughts for that!


That is it for this months box. Way worth the $20ish it costs! What did you get this months? Tried any of these products, what did you think? Comment below!

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XoXo Manda

Boxy Charm Un-Boxing | January 2017


*Boxy Charm is $21 a month, and contains full and sample sized beauty products.*

Corresponding Video!

This months theme was “The charm award goes to…”, makes sense, because it is award season on T.V. I don’t watch them, but who cares.

Crown Brush Soft Fan Brush $12.99:

The first product is a fan brush from crown brush. It feels pretty soft, and I was in need of a new fan brush. I always love getting brushes in these boxes!

Oscaar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, Full-Size $23:

Holy crap! I have always wanted to try one of these dry shampoos, but there is now way I would shell out that kind of money! Now, I can, with out feeling guilty. I am really hoping this lives up to my expectations.

Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat $18:

I have only tried a matte top coat from Sally Hensen, so I am hoping this one is much better quality than that one. This top coat is also supposed to be made with organic ingredients, which is great!

PUR Chateau Cheek Stain “Peach Belline” $26:


I really do not think with shade will look good on me. I guess I will have to try it out to see.

It is a really soft gel like formula, and the brush actually sheers it off nicely! I may have to update you all on this.

Vintage Highlighter Double “Chocolate diamonds\ Rose Quartz” $35:


This is the second, and third I guess, highlight that I have tried from this brand. The other one is fantastic, so I hope this one is as well. A bit concerned it may not work as a highlight for me and I will have to find an alternative use. I have pretty fair skin.

That is it for this months boxy charm! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading. When the corresponding video is up, I will link it! What was in your boxy charm?

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